Melarase AM/PM Cream Review 2019

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Melarase AM/PM Cream Review

From incorporating a skin lightening cream, soap or serum into skin routine, the trend to use a combination of products to lighten skin and reap other benefits is becoming more popular. This has seen manufacturers come up with kits that promise faster and better results. Among such is Kare’s 5-step Daily Brightening Kit from Kare skin Health that includes Melarase cream.

So what is this kit all about and what does it do for your skin? To give you a better understanding, we have prepared a comprehensive Melarase cream review below.

What Is Melarase Cream?

This is a skin lightening cream that promises to brighten your skin, get rid of sun spots, and fix different forms of skin hyperpigmentation like melasma, acne scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Additionally, it claims to boost collagen production.

The treatment comprises of two types of Melarase creams; Melarase AM and Melarase PM. Melarase AM is applied in the morning and during the day. It is recommended to be used when there is exposure to sunlight. Melarase PM is applied in the evening together with a replenishing retinoid.

The creams are used with a cleanser, an exfoliant, a moisturizer and sunscreen to complete the 5-step skin routine also known as Kare’s 5-step Daily Brightening Kit.

What are the Ingredients in Melarase Cream?

Melarase AM contains:

Mulberry Extract – It lightens the skin by inhibiting melanin production.  It is

also a strong antioxidant which helps in preventing skin damage and slowing

down the skin ageing process.

Bearberry Extract – Arbutin, present in bearberry also inhibits melanin production hence acts as a skin lightener too.

Licorice– It is an ingredient that contains glabridin, which inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme causing a reduction of melanin by up to 50%.

Vitamin A – it protects your skin against UV damage and is also an anti-ageing ingredient. Additionally, it encourages healthy skin cells production.

Melarase PM contains ingredients such as:

Vitamin C – it evens out your skin tone and improves hydration. Vitamin C is also

a strong proven antioxidant for your skin

Hydroquinone – This is a chemical that lightens the skin by inhibiting melanin production. It is important to note that it is not a natural ingredient; rather, it is a crude oil derivative that has plenty of controversy surrounding its use in skin care. While it is effective as a Whitener, its use on the skin is associated with serious side effects.

Ammonium Lactate – This is a combination of lactic acid and ammonium hydroxide often used as a moisturizer.

How Melarase Cream Works?

The combination of ingredients work together to reduce melanin production, slow aging, exfoliate skin, prevent skin damage by UV rays  and hydrate your skin. This leaves your skin lighter, smoother and youthful looking.

How to Use Melarase Cream?

The manufacturer recommends using the whole skin brightening kit to achieve the best results in 5 steps:

  • Cleanse your skin with Melaclenz daily in the morning and evening.
  • Exfoliate using Melapads to slough away old  dead skin every morning and evening.
  • Apply Melarase AM in the morning. Apply it evenly on your face or affected parts, then gently massage your skin. In the evening, apply Melarase PM plus a  replenishing retinoid to achieve a lighter skin tone. Application should be done the same way as Melarase AM above.
  • Hydrate your skin with Elevase to enhance moisture retention.
  • To protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, apply Spectrase .

Side Effects of Melarase Skin Bleaching Cream

The side effects associated with Melarase Cream come from the constituent ingredients. Here are some of the possible side effects:

  • Possible allergic reactions from the numerous ingredients
  • The acids used in the melapads may cause dryness, irritation and mild burning especially on sensitive skin
  • Long-term use of use of products with hydroquinone is associated with ochronosis, especially in dark-skinned individuals
  • Mild reddening of the skin especially with initial use
  • Photosensitivity; this is associated with most skin lightening products


  • In addition to skin whitening, Melarase comes with a host of other beneficial natural skin care ingredients.
  • 5 step kit provides round the clock skin care
  • Provision of skin replenishment service; your products are automatically shipped at your chosen frequency
  • 15% discount on your first order
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Promised results require the use of the entire kit
  • Contains hydroquinone
  • The complete kit is relatively expensive compared to other skin lightening packages
  • The product is only sold on the manufacturer’s website

Customer Reviews

Most customers express their love for the elevase moisture booster which deals with dryness caused by the cream. Others have reported great success with the kit while several claim recurrence of treated conditions after stopped use.

Unfortunately, the only people who claim the kit delivers on its promise have left their feedback on the official website and cannot be verified. There is not much elsewhere to substantiate the claims.

Concerns arise with the customer experience as well; a few people have complained of poor execution of the return policy and unsatisfactory customer service.

Where to Buy Melarase

Melarase creams can be bought on the official website only. The prices for Melarase creams are:

1.    Melarase PM $79

2.    Melarase Am $79

3.    Alternatively, you can use the whole brightening kit which costs $309

The Bottom Line

The Melarase Cream claims to treats and fix most forms of hyperpigmentation. While the list of ingredients point to the effectiveness of the cream, little evidence exists online to confirm the execution. This makes the official website the only source of information. The recommended way to use the cream is as a 5-step kit which costs $309. This is way over what other brands in the market are offering.

Then there is the inclusion of hydroquinone which may be a deal breaker for people looking for safer methods of dealing with skin discolouration. All in all, with this information at your fingertips, you are better placed to make an informed decision. 

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