Admire My Skin Review

Uneven skin tone and dark spots are some of the many imperfections that people would rather not live with. To get rid of this flaws and improve their skin, the most popular go-to products are hydroquinone-based creams. These topical creams promise to not only get rid of blemishes but also lighten your skin. 

Among such creams is Admire My Skin. It is marketed as an ‘ultra-potent brightening serum’ which is supposed to treat hyperpigmentation and give you fair skin. So, how effective is the cream and how safe is it? How should you use it and what side effects should you look out for? For answers to this questions and everything else that you need to know, here is our Admire My Skin Review.

How Does It Work? 

The cream addresses various skin conditions including melasma, dark spots, sunspots, age spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation. It’s also effective in skin bleaching. It’s carefully formulated to hinder the activity of melanocytes, the cells tasked with melanin production in the skin.

The active ingredient in the serum reduces melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase- the enzyme which accelerates the action of melanocytes. That said, initial use results in darkening of the application area which is then followed by peeling to reveal a much fairer and younger skin.

Results are however dependent on different factors including skin color, genetics, safe use and the condition being treated. As such, its efficiency may differ from one person to another.

What Are “Admire My Skin” Active Ingredients

Hydroquinone, a bleaching agent, features prominently in the cream’s formulation and is the main ingredient responsible for changing your skin tone. This is one of the strongest skin bleaching chemicals found in topical creams and makeup.

Admire My Skin utilizes 2% hydroquinone, the highest concentration available over the counter. The chemical is a derivative of benzene, a crude oil constituent which can also be found in industrial solvents and paint. 

The powerful ingredient however comes with various side effects, which can make its use counterproductive. Its results are also not permanent hence continued use may be required for maintenance of the desired look.   

What about its Inactive Ingredients?

Admire My Skin also contains inactive ingredients which helps the active ingredients to act better and also minimize side effects. The mains ones include Azelaic and Kojic acids. 

These are naturally occurring acids with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and melanin-inhibiting properties. Even though these acids are effective on their own, the presence of hydroquinone comes handy in enhancing and adding potency to the cream.

Salicylic acid is another notable inactive ingredient. The acid is a known chemical exfoliant with fungicidal and keratolytic actions. It’s a plant extract which is obtained from the bark of willow trees.

Other inactive ingredients include;

Propylene Glycol: A synthetic compound that ensures moisture or water from the cream does not escape during use.

Water: Helps in smooth application of the cream as well as hydrating the skin.

Alcohol Denat: A compound used as an astringent, solvent and anti-foaming agent. 

Hamamelis Virginiana: An extract from witch hazel plant; calms the skin and also has astringent properties.  

Lactic Acid: Helps in improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s also powerful against acne breakouts. 

Sodium Hydroxide: An inorganic compound added for its ability to adjust the serum’s PH. 

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose: A semisynthetic viscoelastic polymer used as a lubricant, thickener and stabilizer.       

“Admire My Skin” Potential Side Effects

Majority of the side effects associated with using the cream originate from hydroquinone. As much as it is effective against skin discoloration, the active ingredient is deemed to be highly potent and in some instances even toxic to the user. As such, hydroquinone is banned as a skin care ingredient in most regions including Europe and Australia. 

The FDA has also put a cap on OTC sale of cosmetic and beauty products with over 2% hydroquinone concentration; a temporary measure pending further research and testing on the full extent of topical and system side effects. With that in mind here some of the side effects you can expect from this skin lightening cream:

Photosensitivity: Impaired melanin production comes with reduced protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Ochronosis: This is a side effect seen in dark skinned people after prolonged use of hydroquinone-based creams. The condition leads to bluish-black coloration in the affected area.

Tenderness and Redness: A minor side effect associated with initial use and is known to clear after a few applications.

Skin Irritation and Irregular Pigmentation: Depending on your skin type and the condition under treatment, you may experience irregular patches of lighter skin and some occasional itchiness.     

Is “Admire My Skin” an Effective Skin Treatment?

Among the selling points of the cream is the ability to fade dark spots and lighten your skin. These claims are given weight by the fact that the serum makes use of hydroquinone, which is a strong skin bleaching agent. So the question becomes, is the cream effective? 

This can be better answered by looking at what customers have to say about the product. 

  • There have been positive reviews with reports of dark spots fading and achievement of fairer skin. Customers who ranked the cream with 5 stars attest to its effectiveness, although a constant complain of skin dryness and initial worsening of dark spots still persists.
  • Negative reviews on the other hand point to ineffectiveness due to the potency of the ingredients. This is usually seen on customers with sensitive skin. Among the issues raised include breakout of rashes and acne, and a burning sensation during use.      

Best Way to Use the Cream

To get the best of what the product has to offer, here are some ‘how to use’ guidelines.

  • Always carry out a patch test before using the cream.
  • Make a retinol cream part of your routine. It will alleviate the side effects and hasten the cream’s action.
  • Take a break from using the cream for 3 months- go for natural products during the hiatus.
  • Always use sunscreen with high SPF and wear protective as an added measure. This will reduce the risk of sunburns and photosensitivity.
  • Do not use other skin lighteners while under the treatment; in particular avoid products containing resorcinol, a compound with deep skin peeling and ochronosis-causing properties.   
  • Do not apply more than twice daily; for best results apply once nightly.
  • If you must, use a mild-exfoliating wash once per day.
  • Once you have gotten a routine that works for you, stick to it.

The Takeaway

Admire My Skin fairs quite well as a skin bleaching agent as well as a treatment for most forms of skin discolouration.

However it comes with a host of side effects common with beauty products that contain hydroquinone. This could be disadvantageous to people with sensitive skin or those who are apprehensive about the dangers of toxic skin care ingredients.

If you fall into this category, you may find reprieve in our review of skin lightening creams without hydroquinone.

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