How to Get Fair Skin?

There’s are common understanding (or so we are led to believe) in certain communities that a fair skin would add more grace to your outer beauty and that it would also enhance your chances in life. This isn’t necessarily what we believe here in Safer Skin Whitening HQ but don’t let anyone judge you, it’s YOUR life!

Our job here is to make sure you are aware of numerous safe fairness treatments available in the market. Did you know that attaining fair skin can be a real minefield as some treatments may affect your overall health? Or that there ARE persisting side effects to the cosmetic fairness treatments? But one of the most common questions asked by people around the world is how to get fair skin?

What Is a Fair Skin?

When someone has smooth and white skin where you easily see the veins, it is said that the person is fair. In most of the cases, the fair skin is the result of genes and sometimes one can get fairer with some home remedies. You don’t need to necessarily spend a lot of money going to the dermatologist for laser whitening treatments, buy creams or collagen drinks. Sometimes it’s all about care.

So why bother to use harmful cosmetic treatments with side effects when you can achieve the same results from natural skin brightening remedies?

In this article, we will bring to you the best remedies for getting the lighter skin tone that you have always wished for. When we go out in the sun, the pigment melanin gets released in the large amount to prevent your skin from burning. And when there is a high production of melanin, your skin turns dark.

Always remember to use sun protection on the face with SPF between 15-30 before going out in the sun.

Types of Skin Whitening Procedures

  • Cosmetic: Talking of cosmetics, if you don’t wish to undergo chemical treatments for looking fair, you can take help from makeup and fairness creams to look fair. While the makeup will help you look fair temporarily, the prolonged use of skin whitening creams will slowly show the change in the skin tone. However, due to the harsh chemicals in most of the products, it is recommended to opt for natural remedies for getting fair skin.
  • Natural skin whitening: The natural beauty tips are some of the most genuine and effective remedies to look glowing over the time. The natural home remedies are not only safe but also cost-effective.

How to Get Fair Skin Naturally?

While there are many chemical treatments like hydroquinone, creams, serums and various other methods to get fair skin, the most commonly asked question by ladies is how to get fair naturally? After all, no-one wants to go through the side effects of chemicals. When talking about natural, it basically includes all the natural elements like fruits, vegetables and all the things available in our kitchen as well as 100% natural skin whitening creams. So, here are some of the well-known home remedies to get glowing skin.

  • LEMON: The first to the rescue is very easily available “lemons”. Every morning, scrub a lemon on your neck and face or just squeeze out some lemon juice and apply it. Wash it off after about 30 minutes. This natural remedy lightens your skin a lot. Lemon has natural bleaching properties which help in making your skin fair and spotless. Drinking spinach juice daily also helps to improve complexion. Apart from that drinking coconut water as well as orange juice works wonders to give you fair and glowing skin in a natural way from the inside out.
  • CURD/YOGURT: Application of yoghurt or curd is another natural remedy that helps in improving your skin complexion fast. The curd contains lactic acid and is a very effective whitening agent. Curd imparts softness and glow to your face. But don’t expect the results too soon. You will need to regularly follow the routine to get noticeable results.
  • CALAMINE POWDER: One of the most effective ones is a mixing of poppy seeds, calamine powder, papaya pulp along with almonds. Blend all the ingredients to make a skin-lightening facial scrub at your home. Rub the mixture gently over your face to clear the dead skin and have a healthy exfoliation at home. Use this face mask twice in a week and get noticeable results.
  • HONEY/TURMERIC: Another procedure for natural skin whitening is mixing honey with a little bit of turmeric with lentil. Applying this nourishing pack on your neck and face daily will give you desirable results in just 15 days. Dip a cotton in the milk and applying it on your face will help to whiten your skin. You can even try this mixture on your neck, arms, and legs for full body whitening!

There are also few hygiene habits that you should definitely bring to your life. Clean up your face twice followed with a toning and moisturizer every day. The regular routine will help you to retain healthy skin without much effort. While understanding the queries put across by the people on the internet we observed a lot of questions from people came from Asian countries regarding natural skin whitening remedies for Tamil people etc. Here are some of the recommended remedies to get fair skin at home:

GLYCERIN: Make a homemade face pack by mixing glycerin, rose water and lemon juice and apply it to your face and neck area. Leave the mixture on your face for overnight and when you wake up the next day, you will have the bright and soft skin.

EGGS/KAOLIN POWDER:  You can even whip up a fairness face pack at home by using egg white, some honey, a tablespoon of carrot juice, and a little bit of kaolin powder. Clean your face prior to applying this facial mask on your face and wash off with water. Pat dry to see the glowing effect on your skin.

VITAMIN E: To get fair skin naturally, apply aloe vera gel on daily basis. Add vitamin E capsules’ contents to aloe vera gel and enhance the efficacy of the gel.

100% NATURAL WHITENING CREAMS: In this section, we will be looking products made from 100% natural ingredients. To read more about those creams, please check this article here:

How to get fair over-night: Misconception or Possibility?

Some people keep asking the fastest natural ways to get a lighter skin tone. Well, that’s a misconception.

You should know that nothing works overnight.

Not even the pricey glamorous skin treatments. And you need to have even more patience when you resort to natural remedies.

Like we mentioned earlier, applying curd regularly on your face can be really beneficial for skin whitening. There have been multiple reviews from people on the benefits of using curd. Not only it lightens your skin tone but also adds a glow to the skin. Another natural ingredient that has been known to work wonders is honey. Honey helps to make your skin complexion fair as well as bright. You can apply pure honey all over your face. Keep it on for about 20 minutes and witness the wonders. Honey works best for dry skin. You can even add honey to tomato juice to get better and faster results.

You can even mix honey with curd and apply on your skin. You can keep it on for about 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. This is a very easy remedy that you can prepare and store in the refrigerator and apply regularly to achieve that smooth and fair look that you have always wished for.

Skin Care Routine For Fair Skin

Sometimes your skin complexion is fair but your face still looks dull, isn’t it? In that case, there is a high probability that either you are not following a proper diet or you are not taking care of your skin at all. So if you want to learn to make your dull and dark skin white at home, you need to follow certain steps to achieve beautiful younger looking skin. There are some easy skin maintenance routines that can tremendously help you achieve attractive fair skin. Some of the skincare routines are as follows:

  • Use your face moisturizer on regular basis
  • Always apply the same brand toner and cleanser to see the overall effect.
  • Always wash your face wash or use cleanser soon after you get home from outside. This will help you remove the dust and other pollutants
  • Exfoliate your skin with the mild scrub if your skin doesn’t have much dead layer
  • In case of dry and flaky skin, use a scrubber with apricot in it twice a week to open your skin pores for smooth skin.
  • Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the major factors that can make your dull face look glowing and fairer. Therefore, always drink an adequate amount of water and let your skin look beautiful.
  • Make sure you protect your skin against the damage. So, twenty minutes before stepping out in the sun, apply the sunscreen. UV is known to cause harmful effect on your skin and hence if you wish to prevent darkening of the skin, use a good lotion with SPF 40 and above.

How to get fair skin permanently?

At times factors like sleep deprivation, stress, unhealthy diet, poor environment, smoking and lack of moisture are also responsible for the dull and dark skin. These factors restrict the skin to get fair permanently. To cater to this problem, it’s important to understand the factor behind the dark skin. Firstly, understand your skin type and based on if it is oily, dry or sensitive, you can choose the home remedy for the effective result. So, for all the people who want to know the natural methods here’s the answer to your most awaited question, “how to get fair skin permanently?” as follows:

Increase the Intake of Vitamin A and C: Since the skin is composed of Retinol, well known as Vitamin A, ensure that you add a good amount of Vitamin A in your diet. The deficiency can lead to the dark and dull complexion. Consume food such as oyster, egg yolk, milk, and shellfish. You can also include beta-carotene from papaya, carrots, tomatoes, and watermelon for the high Vitamin A intake in the body. The beta-carotene will reduce the impact of harmful rays from the sun. All the mentioned food items will surely help you get fair permanently. Please understand that the results are not instant and can be seen gradually. In addition, Vitamin C is known for giving and maintaining the collagen in the skin which also ensures the skin whitening and helps you get whiter skin permanently.

  • Make Your Own Homemade Sugar Scrub: You will surely surprised to find out the amazing effect of Sugar to remove the skin tanning instantly. Using the sugar scrub at home can result in the permanent fair skin within a week. Simple mix a spoonful of sugar and few drops of olive oil. Use the raw mixture to apply it as a scrub and gently massage for about 10 minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water. Try this method and daily basis for the permanent fair skin.
  • The Magic of Avocado and Honey: Avacado is an effective remedy to get fair naturally. Since it is rich in Vitamin C and E and maintains the overall healthy skin and reduce the pigmentation and spots. To make your own homemade face mask, grind the avocado to make a paste and add a spoonful of honey and clay. Mix all three ingredients and apply well. Leave the pack on your skin for almost 25 minutes and rinse it off with the lukewarm water to achieve light skin.

How to get fair skin in a week?

And if you are still looking for more information on how to get fair skin naturally in a week, simply make few changes in your regular diet. Include the high amount of citrus food intake for Vitamin C for the skin lightening process. Drink water infused with lemon once a day because it is one of the natural brightening agents that helps in purifying the skin from inside. If you love chocolates, keep loving them as dark chocolates are high in antioxidants and will help you lighten the shade of the skin. Your healthy diet is also responsible for giving you healthy and glowing skin and here are some important tips to get fair skin naturally:

  • Drink green tea on the regular basis as it has anti-oxidants that help in suppressing DHT (named dihydrotestosterone) hormone responsible for acne giving you radiant and clear skin.
  • Eat almost 3-5 tomatoes every week as it consists of lycopene that helps in protecting against
  • Ultra Violet rays and also aids in fading dark spots on your skin as well. The anti-oxidants present also block the damaging free radicals.
  • Consume lots of cherries, blueberries and blackberries and all the food that is rich in anti-oxidants.The consumption of omega-fatty acids through fish can also give your glowing skin.
  • Apart from applying cucumber in many face packs, eating cucumber is also great for your skin as it helps in cleansing the spots and dirt on your skin decreasing the tan.

Every woman desires to have flawless fair skin tone. The beauty industry is overloaded with various skin fairness creams which may or may not be really very effective. Even if some of them are providing fairness, there are chances of possible side effects in a long run. These days people don’t want to wait and wish to get everything immediately.

Patience and consistency are all that is needed to get fair skin in few days or weeks depending on your skin type. These are some of the easiest home remedies that you can use to get fairer and smooth skin. Have you tried any of these? If yes, how was your experience? Let us know in the comments.

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