FDA Banned Goree Skin Lighteners Confiscated by Philippines Customs

FDA Banned Goree Skin Lighteners Confiscated by Philippines Customs

In the modern world, there is a growing social pressure for people to have lighter skin. For centuries, there has always been a sense of superiority for people with lighter skin over people with darker skin. As such, there are currently hundreds of skin care products that claim to be useful in skin lightening.

Most of these products are untested and could have no effect on the skin with others being harmful to the skin. However, this has not affected demand for such products as people are still buying them. In fact, according to projections by leading financial analysts, the skin whitening industry could be worth about $23 billion USD by 2020.

With all these products being sold to millions of people, it is not uncommon to hear of skin whitening products that were found to be harmful. A good example is the Goree Beauty products ban by the FDA. In October 2017, the FDA issued an advisory to warn the public not to use any Goree cosmetics after discovering that there were more than the allowed trace amounts of mercury in their products.

Despite the ban, the Goree cosmetics were still being sold on leading online shopping platforms in the Philippines such as OLX and Lazada. This has sparked outrage from various groups such as the EcoWaste Coalition which demanded the removal of the products from the shopping websites.

The support for the ban has grown especially after the Customs authorities seized 8M Philippines Pesos worth of Goree beauty products at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in June 2018. 12 balikbayan boxes holding over 6,500 packs of beauty products such as Goree Day and Night Whitening Cream, Goree Lotion, and Goree Beauty Cream were confiscated by authorities from the Paircargo warehouse.

Goree is just one of many companies selling skin whitening products that could potentially be harmful to people. It is up to the government to put in place measures to help find these harmful products as well as prevent their sale in physical shops and also in online shops.

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