Zeta White – Can this 3-in-1 skin whitening cream really guarantee you a fairer skin?

Review of:Zeta White 3-in-1 Skin Lightening System

Use: Lighten skin, dark spots & acne spots


One of the best natural skin lightening products


Premium product

Money Back Guarantee

Longest guarantee of any manufacturer

Our Rating

One of the best all natural products out there

We Like

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Lots of positive feedback
  • Great multi-buy options
  • checkLifetime money back guarantee
  • check3-point Lightening System, works 24/7

We Don’t Like

  • Not the cheapest
  • Not safe to use when pregnant (applies to ALL skin lightening products!)

Summary: There are other products on the market that help with skin discolouration issues, but not many are as safe as Zeta White. Yes, it is a premium product, but if you want guaranteed fairer, more vibrant skin what helps you feel more confident and achieve your dream goals in life then you cannot go wrong with Zeta White!

This Zeta White review will help you understand the benefits and risks of the Zeta White skin whitening cream so that you can take an appropriate path of action when it comes of lightening the tone of your skin.

Skin lightening has become the norm in 21st century. From celebrities to people like me and you, skin lightening creams have become part and parcel of our lives all around the world.

Reasons why we do it are very different; to be fashionable, boost your confidence or perhaps it helps you advance your career (unfortunately in some societies having a lighter skin colour enhances your career opportunities)

But with the plethora of skin whitening products available in the market, it’s hard to choose the right from the wrong. I’m sure we all have purchased products that have had no effect, or even worse, have put your life in danger!

What is Zeta White?

Zeta White, a product by Helpful Cosmetics Ltd from the UK is a skin lightening and moisturizing cream. Based on our experience, this cream is friendlier to your skin when compared to many other skin lightening creams that are available in the market.

Scientifically speaking, the main objective of this cream is to lead to a reduction in the production of melanin in your skin. Melanin is a pigment in your skin that is responsible for dark spots and uneven skin tone. Zeta White aims to keep melanin production in check to offer you the desired results for your skin.

3-point Lightening System

Most skin whitening creams are just single creams that you need to apply at regular intervals on your skin. As opposed to this, Zeta White is not just a single cream in a tube – it is a system.

The complete Zeta White system consists of 3 products and is designed to offer effective results every minute of every day.

The 3 products in the Zeta White package are:

  • Face Wash for skin lightening
  • Night Cream for skin lightening
  • Skin lightening moisturizer

Now, many of us would be apprehensive of this as this means that you will be using more products on your skin than usual. We can safely say that this won’t be a problem as everything in Zeta White is 100% natural and will not put any strain on your skin at all.

Is Zeta White a Bleaching Product?

This is a question asked by many potential users. Zeta White is not known to have bleaching properties. When you compare Zeta White with other existing skin lightening creams, then Zeta White is a healthier option. Zeta White also takes care of proper hydration of your skin. The cream is a mild alternative as it does not include any harsh chemicals that might cause damage to your skin if used for longer periods.

Zeta White acts as a boost to your skin and brings out the inner shine, eliminates dark spots, and fights against ageing and damage due to exposure to sunlight.

How Zeta White Brings About the Desired Skin Changes?

Glowing, younger, and clean skin is the dream of many. And when people start facing the skin problems, they resort to heavy makeup to hide it. But you should know that even though make-up helps to hide the issues, it is only for a short amount of time and is temporary. Moreover, layers and layers of make-up for a long time can even aggravate your skin problems.

A very important point to note while analyzing how Zeta White works is that Zeta White never attacks the skin. The cream penetrates the numerous skin layers to reach the area where production of melanin takes place. It is here that the components of the cream work their magic to limit melanin production.

The following image shows how most skin whitening creams work:

How most Skin Lightening Agents Work

There are many reasons your skin might suffer:

  • Longer than required exposure to sun
  • Diseases
  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Pollution
  • Improper diet

Zeta White is the perfect product to go to when it comes to such skin issues. The product helps in countering the effects of ageing and harmful rays of the sun. It puts a limit to the production of melanin and helps with hyperpigmentation.

Upon regular usage, the Zeta White cream reverses the pigmentation caused due to melanin and restores the natural colour or tone of your skin. The skin would appear more luminous. Moreover, the cream also helps your skin to improve dermal radiance, it tightens up your skin, hydrates and protects it, boosts the collagen and smooths out the line that might in the future transform to wrinkles.

The best part is that Zeta White is only composed of special natural botanical extracts that are known to have skin lightening properties.

We will discuss the ingredients in detail in the later part of this article.

What are the benefits of Zeta White?

As we have mentioned earlier, Zeta White provides a fresher look to your skin, eliminating the dullness, dark spots, ageing lines and uneven skin tone. It even fights redness and enhances your complexion by making your skin more luminous and youthful. Let’s look a little deeper to unravel the benefits of Zeta White in detail and understand what makes this skin lightening cream stand out against the existing products in the market.

  • Let’s start with something NO other natural skin whitening product promises – industry leading no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee. What that means is that if for ANY reason you are not happy with the results you can get 100% of your money back.
  • Zeta White is composed of 95% natural and organic ingredients. This fact alone puts Zeta White up there against many chemical-ridden skin whitening creams that offer you the same results, but without using chemicals.
  • Zeta White does not contain any fillers. This means that upon application of this product, there are no substances or components within the product that might clog the pores on your skin.
  • The cream offers 24/7 protection and rejuvenation. The 3 products that come as part of the Zeta White therapy take care of your skin without the need to utilize other skincare products.
  • Regular use of this product will result in a natural glow to your skin which will encourage you to reduce or eliminate the use of cosmetics. Your skin will look brighter and more youthful, eliminating the need to use primers or highlighters. Let your skin breath by using Zeta White cream
  • The Zeta White cream not only whitens your skin but has a multi-angled action that also caters to other persistent skin problems.

As this product is for your face, you cannot risk the presence of harsh chemicals

How to use the Zeta White products?​​​​

The Zeta White treatment consists of 3 products: Face Wash, Night Cream, and Skin Moisturizer.

#1 – The routine starts with cleaning your face with the face lightening wash. Deep cleansing of your face is really important to get rid of the layers of dust that accumulate on the surface. Chemicals from the use of makeup and dead skin cells block the pores of your skin which can be avoided by cleaning your face with Zeta White’s face wash. In the brightening treatment using Zeta White, this is the first and most important step.

#2 – Next comes the lightening moisturizer. The moisturizer in the Zeta White series fills up the space between the cells and provides proper hydration to your skin, making your skin plump and radiant at the same time. Also, as it helps to maintain the levels of hydration, nutrients can easily circulate through the tissues and restore your skin tissues with high effectiveness.

#3 – The last product, the Night Cream, has high content of allantoin. Allantoin is a substance that helps to remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin for restoring new ones. The brightness of your skin is enhanced overnight. You can even use the three products separately and measure their effectiveness but the brightening routine is most successful if you use all three of them together.

Zeta White Side Effects?

One of the best things about Zeta White is that the product is composed of active ingredients that are taken directly from natural sources. The compounds are unaltered and hold their natural essence. After all the compounds are combined to form the product, special tests are carried out to ensure the safety of its usage. Another huge advantage of the product is that it does not contain any sulphates or alcohol parabens.

Have you ever read about the manufacturing process of rubber or hair dyes? Just so you know, they utilize hydroquinone for production so imagine how harsh this chemical can be and yet it is present in almost all of the skin whitening creams that are available in the market. You can imagine the potential side-effects these creams can have on your skin. But if you are using Zeta White, then there’s nothing to fret about as hydroquinone is not present in Zeta White.

To conclude, Zeta White is completely safe for use and does not have side effects.

Who Can Use Zeta White?

The cream can be used by everyone, irrespective of their skin colour. Rather than offering a shocking whiteness to your skin, the cream works gently to modify and even out the tone of your skin and make your skin brighter and luminous. It works to remove pigmentation on your skin that darkens your complexion.

With regular use, you will start noticing a change in your skin texture and colour. Some people have reported getting even two shades lighter skin tone.

Are There Any Real Life Zeta White User Reviews?​​​​

Updated 05/03/2019

As Zeta White has been on the market for some time now, we asked one of our earlier clients to take before and after photos of her skin whitening journey with Zeta White. I think it’s fair to say that the results are impressive.

Here’s what Pooja had to say:

As a Beauty Writer and Product Tester I can faithfully say hand on heart that Zeta White is probably the best skin whitening cream that I have ever used. Within 30 days of using it I saw a definite improvement on my face and am very happy with this safe product and natural results. If you have tried everything else and it has not helped then you should definitely try Zeta White because it’s 3-in-1 formula really works! Good Luck.

Zeta White skin whitening cream before and after

The cream sinks in well and very easy to use with the pump action. I wanted to get rid of the dark spots my cheeks and so far it has done a great job. The only evidence what is still left is a tiny spot on my left cheek.


Detroit, Michigan

More Zeta White Before and After photos:

What are the Ingredients in Zeta White?​​​​

Zeta White blends effectiveness with gentleness. Zeta White can be described as a skin whitening therapy or system that is jam-packed with natural, organic, and 100% vegan components. The product contains lemon extract that has the ability to act on high melanin production and limit it. A Generous quantity of papaya, extracts of green tree, and passion fruits establishes the core ingredients of Zeta White. These ingredients are plentiful in natural enzymes that have skin lightening properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

The product punches the benefits of berries and contains extracts of strawberries and cranberries. Strawberry extracts are known to have powerful whitening properties. Another intriguing ingredient present in the product is the extract of liquorice, a natural substance with the properties of a sunscreen.

Now, time for the complicated compounds. The first is hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that has been known to work wonders on wrinkle lines. Additional natural ingredients in Zeta White include olive and coconut oils, sunflower oils, vegetable glycerin, wheat germ, and stearic acid.

The formulation for Zeta White using all the ingredients mentioned above is accomplished by expert scientists who undertake all precautions and tests necessary to make the product safe and effective for its users.

How long will Zeta White last?

With daily use, each bottle should last between 4-6 weeks, but individual factors including the amount applied, and how often, will see some variation in this.

Where to buy Zeta Wh​​​​ite?

To purchase Zeta White, you can visit their official website by clicking on the link below.

You can place your order through their website at any time. The prices for the products they offer are as below:

  • 3-Point Lightening System: This package includes all the 3 products for $145.99
  • Lightening Face Wash: This includes only the face wash for $47.99
  • Lightening Moisturizer: This includes only the moisturizer for $47.99
  • Lightening Night Cream: This includes only the night cream for $47.99

*Please note, prices correct at the time of writing

And as we mentioned before, they also offer 100% money back guarantee in case you do not see the results they claim to offer.

Would you like Zeta White for FREE?​​​​

If you like the sound of 12-months supply of Zeta White completely FREE then carry on reading! All you need to do is share your before and after Zeta White stories and photos. If your story or photo gets featured on their website, you get a 12-month supply of Zeta White products worth £1,439 as a big thank you from the Zeta White team. Head over to their website here to avail this opportunity.


There are other products on the market that help with skin discolouration issues, but not many are as safe as Zeta White. And yes, it is a premium product, but if you want guaranteed fairer, more vibrant skin what helps you feel more confident and achieve your dream goals in life then you cannot go wrong with Zeta White!

You can go ahead and use this product with confidence without worrying about any side effects. Thumbs Up!

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