Skin Whitening for Newbies – How To

Is there a party coming up? Are you going to your best friend’s wedding? Or even better, are you eagerly waiting for your D-Day? Then you have come to the right place to add charm to your features. Everyone wants to look their best so we thought of sharing few tips and ideas in the process to choose the best products that give best results for your skin. So, let’s dive straight into everything from “Skin Whitening for Newbies and How to” tips and ideas.

1. Exfoliation:

This is the foremost step in the process of skin whitening for newbies. It is the process where you bring your natural skin colour to display. But you should be cautious enough to not overdo the process, since it may affect your skin. Be sure to use things gently and people with sensitive skin may even contact your dermatologist. The best ways to exfoliate includes,

– Using mild exfoliating soap, which is safe for even sensitive skin

– Making use of exfoliating gloves and scrubs for washing the skin

– Have a salt bath or shower once in a week

– Use lactic or glycolic acid peel in the body lotion you use for bathing

2. Lightning:

The next step which takes you closer to achieve a fairer skin is lightening. You can use products that may or may not contain HQ components based on your skin type. But basically, lightening creams or serums should be used only after exfoliation, since without that the lightening creams may get absorbed well into the skin. But choose the products wisely to ensure that the lightening cream inhibits melanin production in your skin.

3. Moisturizing:

You may tend to lose your skin’s moisture when you subject your skin to exfoliation and lightening. So to reverse the loss, you can use natural oils from coconut, shea butter or jojoba oil to restore the moisture in your skin. This is an essential tip for your skin’s health.

4. Skin Building:

In the process of lightening your skin, you are stripping layers of cells from your body. For rebuilding that, you can use emu oil or lotions that help in building up collagen in your skin. You can even opt for products that help with moisturizing along with building collagen such as Emu Oil, Vitamin C, Avocado or olive oil.

5. Skin Protection:

It is quite essential to protect yourself from the external environment. Exposing your skin to extreme climate or dust may ruin your efforts and will hinder your process of getting a radiant skin. So, make sure that you always have a physical protection from the external climatic conditions. The ingredients that you need to look into is Zinc Oxide so next time you want to go shopping for a sunscreen, you know exactly what you want.

If this is all too much when you are only starting out, please have a look at one of the only products on the market what does it all for you: Zeta White 3-in-1 Skin Lightening System.

All said and done, each one should prefer skin whitening products and whitening process that suits your skin type. You can simply follow a regular skin care regime with suitable products. The key is patience so don’t expect dramatic instant results, but perseverance with a perfectly suited regimen will award you a great fair skin! So, do more or do less, we are here to guide you through every basic step you can take for a better looking tomorrow.

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