Skin Whitening Creams for Different Types of Skin

Skin Whitening Creams for Different Types of Skin

Skin lightening has become quite prevalent in recent times. It is nothing but an attempt by people all over the world to lighten their skin by the use of chemical substances. The process helps you to get rid of uneven skin tone and eliminate excess melanin content from your skin. Skin lightening is also known by other terms such as skin bleaching and skin whitening. All the skin whitening processes deal with uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. The process always involves the reduction of melanin from your skin in order to get healthier and brighter looking skin.

Melanin is actually a group of natural pigments that are present in our skin. The problem is that too much of melanin can lead to hyperpigmentation which is the darkening of particular areas on your skin. When you consider people of Asian and African descent, they possess a higher Melanin concentration which gives them darker skin. Melanin is responsible for the creation of dark patches on your skin.

A higher concentration of melanin causes hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation can also be caused by damage from sun, acne, injuries to your skin, etc. Hyperpigmentation has been associated with several diseases. With the help of skin lightening practice, hyperpigmentation can be treated to a large extent.

How to Get Lighter Skin?

Most people go through hyperpigmentation problem in their life. It might be due to acne problems or due to constant exposure to the sun’s rays. No matter the reason, it is always advisable to opt for a treatment, with minimal side effects, which can help you in lightening your skin. Whenever you opt for a treatment, be sure to keep track of the ingredients used in it. Stay away from harsh chemicals and substances as they have the potential to harm your skin. Certain substances which helps in getting rid of hyperpigmentation issues include hydroquinone, Kojic acid, etc. Higher doses of hydroquinone is considered harmful for the skin. Hence, at most 4% hydroquinone is allowed to be used in skin lightening products/treatments.

Currently, there are two types of successful (minimal side effects) treatments to reduce pigmentation:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) products: There are plethora of skin lightening products in the market that claim to have the potential to reduce pigmentation problems. But are all of them safe for usage? You should never pick up some random skin lightening, bleaching or whitening cream without knowing the ingredients or the complete side effects. You wouldn’t want to cause harm to your skin, would you?                                 For effective and temporary results, there are a few chemical substances that are used in the products which can cause harm to your skin, not right away but maybe after few applications in the long run. Try to avoid creams that contains ingredients such as mercury, steroids, parabens, and more than the required amount of hydroquinone. As mentioned earlier in this article, at most 4% hydroquinone is allowed to be used in a product. Anything more than 4% can have adverse effect on your skin such as skin irritation, redness, itchiness, etc.
  • Natural skin lightening products: These products should be the first choice when it comes to purchasing skin lightening products. Their name itself indicates that these products are composed of purely natural ingredients. When a cream says that it is composed of natural ingredients then look out for the components in our guide to “Best Natural Skin Lightening Ingredients

These are not the only ones but the most common and primary ingredients. If all of these ingredients are present in a single product, then it is bound to be a perfect choice for your skin lightening requirements. All these ingredients work in a way that effective results can be obtained 6-12 weeks.

Natural products like Zeta White and other skin whitening creams do not contain any harsh chemicals that have the tendency to affect your skin in the later stages of the treatment. While purchasing a skin lightening cream, make sure you look for the ingredients mentioned above for maximum results with minimal damage to your skin.

To make your life easier, we bring to you some of the best skin whitening creams for different skin types so that you can select the product suitable for you.

Skin Whitening Creams for Dark Spots

Amaira Skin Lightening Serum

Amaira Natural Lightening Serum has some very potent ingredients in it to be effective enough to be compared with chemical based skin bleaching products. But if you can have all natural product, why take the risk of chemicals?

It’s FREE shipping and great multi-buy offers also make it very affordable for anyone who struggle with dark spots, acne spots, hyperpigmentation or just want their intimate areas look better. 


SkinBright is a product that has been produced over the years with enormous research. The formula that has been used to create the cream, eliminates the dark and hyperpigmented areas on the skin. It provides a natural glow to the skin making for healthier and radiant appearance. The primary active ingredients that are present in SkinBright includes Alpha Arbutin, the same ingredient present in Meladerm that comes from the  bearberry tree and an excellent alternative to the harmful chemical substitutes present in other skin whitening creams; and Kojic Acid, a natural substance that treats age spots and bad skin pigmentation. Other ingredients include Ascorbic Acid, Aloe Vera, Lemon extract, Hemp oil, few other all natural extracts. The product also contains a good amount of Allantoin and Vitamin A Palmitate.

Skin Whitening Creams for Dry Skin

Kama Ayurveda Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment Oil

This product is recommended in Ayurveda as the ultimate treatment for soft, smooth, soothing, and clear youthful skin. The oil helps to clear up the irritation and itching that is part of dry skin. The oil works as an excellent remedy for sun exposure. The oil is appropriate for the entire body, including face. The Retexturising Skin Treatment is formulated from natural herbs that are processed in pure sesame oil and coconut milk. Additional herbal ingredients include costus and cardamom, that have the ability to enhance the texture of your skin. Costus is especially known for its remedial treatment of dry skin irritations.

Skin Whitening Creams for Oily Skin

Lila James Skin Brightening Cream

The cream is developed and formulated to eliminate dark spots and reduce skin problems via the hindering effects of the Tyrosine enzyme. The formula also works towards the removal of dark spots that appear on the skin due to age or sun damage. The cream consists of Alpha Arbutin, a plant-based biosynthetic compound that hinders the production of melanin by causing a reduction in the effects of the tyrosine enzyme; Geranium extract, a component that has antifungal and antibacterial properties; Reish, a natural ingredient that protects the skin from acne; Evening Primrose Oil, that gives the skin a glossy and smooth feeling; and Licorice, an organic ingredient that helps in the elimination of dark spots.

Skin Whitening Creams for Dark and Black Skin


EpiBright is a cream that works perfectly in the case of Asians, Indians, and African Americans. The cream lightens dark spots and helps to even out the skin tone. The cream is safe for use as it does not contain any hydroquinone. Bearberry and mulberry extracts are the primary ingredients that work together with alpha arbutin to bring out the inner skin glow that you have always desired. Licorice extracts are also present that offer a moisturizing effect and soothes your skin to avoid irritation. Overall, Epibright is a fascinating blend of active natural lightening agents that works wonder for dark and black skin types.

Eva Naturals Skin Lightening Cream

Eva is another skin lightening cream that works well for dark and black skin. The ingredients that are part of the lightening cream include vitamin B5, potassium sorbate, and vitamin B6 among others.

Skin Whitening Creams for Sensitive Skin

Etat Pur Glabridin Skin Whitening Cream

The Etat Pur product with active Glabridin is an active depigmenting agent that helps to fade brown spots and lighten up the hyperpigmented areas. The cream is very suitable for sensitive skin types. The cream also helps to remove brown spots that might be caused due to sun, aging, pregnancy, or you might be suffering from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Extracted from Liquorice, Glabridine is a natural skin lightening agent that leads to visible reduction of dark spots making your complexion more uniform or even.

Skin Whitening Creams for Whole Body

Zeta White

One of the latecomers to this already saturated market with its 24/7 formula what guarantees to work or they will refund you the purchase!

The product works by decreasing the melanin content of your skin and has three different products in it’s range. 

With its unique 3-in-1 formula, this cream keeps working on your skin 24/7 and we believe this is what is making it one of the most effective natural skin whitening cream for men out there.

To read an in-depth review and see some absolutely amazing Zeta White “Before and After” photos, please click on the link below:

Fair and Flawless Maximum Strength Full Body Whitening Cream

This is a unique and very effective full body and maximum strength hyper-pigmentation reversal cream. With just 5 minutes of daily application, you will begin to notice changes to your skin tone making your skin more luminous. The cream penetrates deep into the layers of the skin. One of the primary ingredients include Sepiwhite MSH, a unique skin whitening formulation, that contains plant Arbutin and Kojic Acid extracts which work together to restore and lighten your skin complexion.

Skin Whitening Creams for Arms and Legs


Another product famous for it’s skin whitening effects is Meladerm. This skin whitening cream claims that it can clear out acne, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Meladerm also boasts of being a natural product and does not include any harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone, parabens or steroids.

The product is engineered to work by evening out the skin tone leading to a brighter complexion altogether. This is achieved by minimizing the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation issues that might have covered up certain areas on the skin.

The process takes around 2-3 months for you to start witnessing the desired results. The skin tones get gradually even and lighter.

Skin Whitening Creams for Knees and Elbows

Dermactin-TS Knee and Elbow Cream

This is one of the best knee and elbow skin lightening creams that you will ever come across. Having a rich texture, the cream helps to fade away the dark skin areas that cover your knee and elbows. The product works by removing the dead skin cells collected in the darkened area.

D&R Knee and Elbow Cream

This knee and elbow cream from Dermactin consists of active natural extracts from plants that have skin lightening properties. The product evens out the darkened and thick skin in the knee and elbow area and reduces the dark patches. The cream has high moisturizing content which helps to keep the skin hydrated. The cream is very gentle on the skin and does not cause any irritation.

Skin Whitening Creams for Scars

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector for Unisex

Clinique is quite well-known when it comes to the skincare industry. Their product, the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, does not contain hydroquinone and is completely safe to use. The product formulation consists of exfoliants such as glycolic and salicylic acid, and antioxidants from turmeric and rice bran. The formula works on all skin tones. Upon regular use for twice a day, morning and night, users can start seeing desirable results in 12 weeks.

Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream

Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream works wonders for scar-prone skin and that too while you sleep. Users have reported improvements in application for just two weeks. Their formula, Tripeptol, contains peptides, collagen, and antioxidants. One of the major ingredients is dimethicone, a silicone derivative that has the potential to reduce redness and retains moisture. Be sure to not apply the cream if you have open wounds.

Skin Whitening Creams for Inner Thighs

Marie France Tone Perfecting Creme

Marie France Tone Perfecting Creme is a highly concentrated, maximum-strength skin lightening cream made from Alpha Arbutin and Niacinamide, both natural whitening agents. The cream lightens dark spots and uneven areas in the inner thighs, bikini area, underarms, buttocks, etc. Use the Marie France Kojic Soap for exfoliation along with Marie France Tone Perfecting Creme for the best results.

Skin Whitening Creams for Babies

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturising Lotion

The Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturising Lotion is a cream that will help protect your baby’s skin from all the harmful causes of skin pigmentation and keep your baby’s skin bright and glowing. The product consists of colloidal natural oatmeal that is blended with emollients that work wonders on the baby’s delicate skin. The cream contains no drying alcohols and does not clog pores. The cream relieves itchy and dry skin, rashes, chickenpox, diaper rash, eczema, bites from insects, etc.

As you can see, there are a lot of different skin types and even more products to choose from. Please do your due diligence and stay safe!


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