Foundation, Concealers or BB Creams – Which One to Use for Hyperpigmentation?

Have you ever applied a product and had a massive breakout the next day? Or developed flaky, itchy skin when you’ve been skipping the moisturizer? It’s a known fact that your body communicates its needs to you. Many times, we take a lazy approach to skincare, only giving it care when it’s starting to show signs of stress. But maintaining good, healthy skin is a long-term investment.

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that occurs when the skin overproduces melanin and is caused by damage from harmful UVA rays. Many a time, we step out of the house without applying sunscreen, discounting the fact that even light, sunny day can harm our skin in the long run. It is said that signs of hyperpigmentation start to show after 10+ years of sun damage, which also means that reversing the effects will take time and dedication as well.

Thanks to advancements in the beauty industry, having hyperpigmentation does not mean that you have to deal with dark patches until the results of your treatment start to show. Several creams and products are available in the market today for different skin types that will not only cover your spots but will also protect and moisturize your skin as well. Here are some products you can use depending on your make-up routine for the day:

For a dewy, natural look:

BB (beauty balm or blemish balm) creams exploded the beauty market in 2011, providing the perfect bridge for consumers looking for products with skincare and makeup benefits. These creams not only provide coverage for skin imperfections and even out skin tone but also contain moisturizers and sunscreens for added care.

MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35 – This creamy and lightweight formula provides a matte finish with high coverage. Suitable for all skin types, this tinted primer can be worn on it own or under makeup and contains pearlized pigments to give your complexion a glowing, dewy look.

For high coverage:

Foundations come with the promise of providing high, long-lasting coverage for skin imperfections. Available in 8 different categories depending on its consistency and your skin type, foundations are a versatile product that can we built up or scaled back depending on the final look you’re looking to achieve. They are the best option if you’re looking to minimize pores, even skin tone, and cover pigmentation. 

Cover FX Total Cream Cover Foundation – Available in 40 different shades, the Cover FX foundation is anti-oxidant rich and is free of mineral oil, fragrance, parabens, talc or gluten. It provides ideal all-day radiant coverage with anti-ageing benefits for redness, uneven skin tones, acne, under-eye circles, pigmentation, and vitiligo. 

For complete coverage:

Concealers are thicker than foundations and give the most coverage of all three lines of products. It is intended to cover certain parts of your skin (acne spots, hyperpigmentation, etc) and should be well blended into the skin for maximum effect. 

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer – A small amount goes a long way with this concealer. Created by one of the most renowned makeup artists of all time, this lightweight but high coverage formula consists of honey, jojoba oil and minerals along with colour-correcting shades to protect your skin while maintaining its original shade so you don’t look caked and unnatural. Take a small dot on the pointed end of a dry beauty blender and press it into the skin and blend for long-lasting coverage. 

Top tip to cover pigmentation:

Use an orange or red-toned colour corrector on areas of pigmentation before applying foundation or concealer – allowing it to set first. The orange tone balances out the brown colour of the pigmentation. If you have fair-to-medium skin, use a peachy shade. For medium, tan, and deep skin tones, orange works amazingly for creating the best base, and for richer skin tones, red works best to cover pigmentation.

Investing in a good sunscreen (SPF 30 and above) will also help protect your skin from further sun damage. Remember to always exfoliate, cleanse and tone your skin to ensure that you don’t have any makeup residues that could potentially clog your pores and prompt breakouts. 

What is your beauty regime before you step out of the house? Do you prefer a lightweight bb cream or you prefer day to night coverage? Leave a comment and share your beauty tips and tricks! Also, to find out more information about how to work around hyperpigmentation with a range of natural and over the counter products, check out all the latest posts on our homepage

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